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3 Nights At fredbear’s

Download 3 Nights At fredbear's
Download 3 Nights At fredbear’s

3 Nights At fredbear’s Free Download is a fan game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott. It talks about the story of a man who is going to become the newly hired security guard working at Fredbears Family Dinner. Are you willing to give him a hand so he can complete the job excellently? Unfortunately, it is not a safe place. The building is inhabited by scary creatures. They are animatronic mascots and they often behave strangely at night. Aside from watching the equipment, taking care of these machines will be the main assignment that the boss asks you to implement. However, your goal in 3 Nights At fredbear’s Gamejolt is to prevent them from attacking you. Their jumpscares will end up every effort of you in a wink. Don’t let anything invade the office or you will die! By using devices, you can supervise and block them. Good luck!

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