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five nights gray

five nights gray

Download five nights gray free and embark on a remake inspired by the game Five Nights at Freddy’s your way to rescue yourself from a “big trap”! It is set in a strange and creepy place where you have found that you are suffering from amnesia after you wake up. Like the original, what you need to implement when you connect to the current FNAF Gamejolt Download edition is to defend your life from deadly animatronic characters roaming throughout the building and lurking in the shadows.

Discover five night’s gray (ita version) smartly and you can dodge all of the jumpscares for survival! Especially, the challenge will happen for a week. It is a long period of time that you should conquer. More importantly, you are recommended to stay alive at 6 AM to level up and unlock another more exciting stage. It will allow you to get closer to the truth hidden behind your enemies. Are you willing to meet up with new scary friends? Good luck!

five night’s gray (ita version)

five night’s gray (ing version)

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