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Download FNaF Online (ANDROID)
Download FNaF Online (ANDROID)

FNaF Online for Android devices is now available to download for free. This is one of the best FNAF fan games allowing you to play the game with your friends on a private or public server. If you have ever wanted to play Five Nights at Freddy’s game with your friends but having no computer, then this is the chance for you. This fan game features some modes to play, like multiplayer, story mode, and minigames. 

In multiplayer mode, there are different roles for your friends. One becomes a nightguard, while the other ones become animatronics. In story mode, you must experience 5 maps with 4 nights for Faz-Tokens. You then use these tokens for more maps and multiplayer. In the minigames mode, you will discover singleplayer short, nice gameplay, Parts and Service, Happiest Day, etc. Feel free to select your favorite game mode to master and take this chance to show your surviving skills!

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