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Here comes another encounter between you and the animatronic gang in FNAF UCN [DELUX] – another FNAF Download game created by a fan. You should get yourself ready to meet the animatronic mascots once again and fight them off for your survival. In this horror fan game inspired by Fnaf series, you will once again work in a scary building at night, from 12 AM to 6 AM to make sure that everything here is secured. This time, the animatronics have come back! You must be watchful for all of them if you want to survive until the end. Freddy will attack you from the left, but he is broken now. For the classic Golden Freddy, he can pop up anytime, so put a mask on when he appears. Withered Foxy will turn on and you should flash a light on him quickly. Bon Bon will emerge at the beginning, while Funtime Freddy will make his appearance in the side of a door. You need to listen to him when he says “hello again hahahaha”. After that, you check for his eyes and shut the right door fast. Develop your strategies through over time and use them to deal with these robots. Download FNAF UCN [DELUX]! Good luck to you!


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