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Fredbear and Friends: Reboot

Fredbear and Friends: Reboot brings you a new story about the animatronic mascots from Fnaf series by Scott Cawthon. You should get ready to download this Fnaf Fangame for a new adventure. The game takes place after 26 years of closing down Fredbear and Friends’ – the famous restaurant bringing joy and happiness to all adults and children. It was already closed down for unknown reasons. There are four teenagers who have made a decision on visiting this ruined place at night, but things went beyond their plan. Now, you will accompany them to this restaurant to find out all the mysteries and help your characters overcome all dangerous challenges. Fredbear and Friends: Reboot contains awesome features, such as cinematic look, voice acting, full free-roam, cutscenes, multiple chapters, and a huge storyline. You will have a chance to experience all of them during the adventure. The goal here is to make it till the end of all nights! Good luck to you! 

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