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Into the Pit: Lights Out (Official)

Download Into the Pit: Lights Out (Official)
Download Into the Pit: Lights Out (Official)

There are great features in Into the Pit: Lights Out – a fan-made game based on Five Nights at Freddy – the best-seller horror game by Scott Cawthon. If you are into FNAF fan games that are free to download, then this title is for you. You will come to a place called Fazbear’s Magic Pit where you will solve mysteries and protect yourself from animatronics for your survival. 

Fazbear’s Magic Pin in Into the Pit: Lights Out free download is a fun place where adults and children come for a magic show and delicious food. The kids can have fun when they are in the ballpit area and enjoying the best pizza. The owner of this fun place is in need of a watchman who can help him watch the restaurant at night. You are here for it! You work in an office equipped with some cameras, lights, and doors. Your mission is to watch over the restaurant and track the movements of animatronics through cameras. Make sure they will not enter your room, and try to protect yourself from their jumpscare. The game features 5 nights, “Fun in the Pit” mode (you can play after completing Night 5), cutscenes, and Easter Eggs. Download this FNAF fan game for free! Have fun with it!

Into the Pit: Lights Out – 2 NIGHTS DEMO

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