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Five Freddys At Night Game


Are you a fan of FNAF games? If yes, why don’t you play Five Freddys At Night Game online for a new experience? This is also a chance for you to hone your survivability. This is a fan creation and playable for free online on Five Nights Freddy’s.

Since Five Freddys At Night Game online takes inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon, you also have to solve a lot of mysteries. When you enter the building, you have to protect yourself because the creepy creatures are lurking somewhere in the dark waiting for a chance to jumpscare you. Those creatures are on Freddy’s side. This means they are as aggressive as Freddy. If you get caught by them, the game will be over. In this fan game, you can browse pages to uncover the secrets. On each page, you may encounter those creatures. Try to defeat them all to get bonuses! Have fun with this adventure horror game!

How to play:

Choose pages using left/right arrow keys. Use down arrow key to title page, and click anywhere using the mouse.

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