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Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Online


More mysteries are waiting for you to solve in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 free online! This is the third sequel to FNaF series and surely you will go through more terrors, panic feelings and terrible challenges. FNaF 3 online opens a new story for you to discover. In the game, the pizza restaurant has been closed down for almost 30 years, not all people still remember what did happen there in the past, everything has turned into a memory, which is forgettable easily. Now, all the stakeholders of the restaurant want to reopen it in order to revive all the lores and legends. Also, they want to turn it into Fazbear Fright: Horror Atrraction so that all people can go and enjoy more performances. To make this place more secure at night, they hired you as a night watchman working from midnight until the morning. There is only one animatronic that you will deal with in this chapter, he is Springtrap and he has a fearsome appearance. This animatronic can come to your office from both doors, so you must track his movements through the cameras, and try to prevent him from killing you. Wish you luck!

How to play:

Look around with the mouse, click left mouse to monitor cameras

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