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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Night 1

What will happen on the first night in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4? If you want to know what you will deal with and face when you first spawn into the game, you should find out the useful guidance below to explore more. There are some animatronics you will have to stay watchful for on this night, and alos, check out some useful tips on how to protect yourself and beat them.

Night 1 in FNaF 4

Difficulty: Easy

Nightmares appearance:

What to do on the first night:

After launching this first night, you will be told where you should click and what you have to do by several tiny tutorial boxes, especially if there is a nightmare trying to approach the door.

Nightmare Bonnie and Chica will not show up themselves until 3 AM or 5 AM

Nightmare Freddy can turn up eariler a bit
There are some spots you need to know, including two doors at both sides, a bed is at the back, and a closet is in front of you
To run over the doors, you should click on them
When you’re at the doors, you should press key Shift to close it, or you can use the flashlight by pressing key Ctrl, try to wait for a few seconds then you can use the flashlight at the door. Just do flash it instantly.
While waiting, you will hear a small breath. But if you don’t hear it, you can use the flashlight, but if you do, just immediately shut your door and wait until the footstep sounds go away.

Moving on, you should drag the mouse down to make your character turn around and have a look at your bed
Now, you can use the flashlight by holding the Ctrl. When you flash the light on the bed, you will catch sight of some Freddles there. The number of these animatronics can increase over time if you don’t check on them regularly, which makes Nightmare Freddy jumpscare you. When you stop flashing light on them, they will move under the bed slowly.

Useful Tips:

Every single hour only lasts 60 seconds, so that means the time for every night will last 6 minutes

If you see the screen glimmer, and there are some screeching sounds, this signal tells you that a Freddle has just been generated.

It’s not easy to listen to the breathing and foodstep sounds, so try to listen to them very closely and carefully

You should play the game with your headphones

The Freddles are not hostile on the first night.

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