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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Nightmare

Nightmare (or also known as Night 7) will be your true nightmare in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. Prepare yourself for fighting off all animatronics on this scaries night. This time, the difficulty of the night is extremely insane, meaning the animatronics will become way aggresive and active throughout the night. Let’s see if you can complete this Nightmare or not!

Night 7 in FNaF 4

Difficulty: Insane

Nightmares appearance:


Nightmare is also the final night in the game

All the difficulties of the nightmares are increased to the max.

The night is very similar to night 6

Now, Fredbear will be replaced by Nightmare which is harder and tougher than Fredbear
Nightmare will follow the similar ways to Fredbear, and to deal with him, you must show your faster reflexes.

Useful tips:

You are supposed to utilize your reflexes and excellent skills that you have gain from the previous nights so that you can deal with animatronics on this night

If you use the flashlight on Nightmare when you come to the door, you won’t have much time for closing the door.

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