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Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2 is an RPG Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game that you will play as wicked guys. Your mission is to conquer the good ones. You can explore and collect lots of details together with features.

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

New unlocked animatronics

A shiny arrow will appear during the combat. If you beat the enemy, he will belong to your team.

Animatronic attacks

Each animatronic will have their own style.Use their weapons to support you.


If bosses determine to join your clan, you can pick them to fight against the opponent. If the enemy has a BossDrain, you should act carefully and cure your character when he is damaged or he will die.

When everything in this Fnaf game ends, the others will become weaker. Then, Redbear launched four fighters to kill Freddy and CO. But, this is fairly hard to implement because they are the strongest ones.

How to play

Firstly, create a team including 8 members. You are able to add more when you advance. Remember to upgrade your crew! Try to collect as many experience points as possible! Also, hunt bosses hiding in the shadow when they are fearful and convince them to be yours.

An ending will be added when you:

  • Beat the game usually, follow Redbear
  • Go against Redbear
  • Find Scott Cawthon and battle Freddy
  • Look for Chipper and battle Freddy
  • Search for Supremem Fredbear
  • Do the same for Crash Kandicoot
  • Enter a malfunctioned object
  • Clock ending, animatronics will have to go against Freddy

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